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Intelligibility Testing

Quest Intelligibility MetersIn order for an emergency voice message to be followed, the selected audience must be able to understand what the voice in the message is saying. It's not enough with today's emergency situations to produce a loud signal and hope that everyone knows what to do. The intent is to provide real time messages for real time events in a manner that everyone can understand the verbal instructions that are being broadcast. The term commonly used in the NFPA is intelligibility. This allows for a quantitative test that can be used to confirm system design and compliance with NFPA and DOD (Department of Defense) requirements for voice evacuation and mass notification systems.

Intelligibility testing and reports have been required for DOD mass notification systems for several years and are required by more local AHJ's as the new NFPA and UFC codes and standards are adopted. FACS has been performing this type of testing since 2005, and has the equipment and expertise to design your system to meet intelligibility requirements, and to perform the actual testing at system commissioning.

facsmonitorReports can be generated from the design software (EASE Evac) showing the anticipated sound pressure levels (SPL) and common intelligibility scale (CIS) readings based on the room size, and floor, ceiling and wall coverings and items intended to occupy the room. FACS uses both the GoldLine DSP30 and the Quest SoundPro SRE/DL in conjunction with the required STIPA signal required to perform the test.

Feel free to contact FACS to schedule a demonstration on sound intelligibility or to assist in the design or testing of your emergency voice or mass notification system