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Fire Alarm Systems

Gamewell-FCI E3FACS is an Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD) for top manufacturers in the life safety industry which provide high quality equipment using cutting edge technology. This allows FACS the ability to provide the right solution for the right situation.

If you require monitoring of a sprinkler system or recall of an elevator system, we can provide a cost effective solution using conventional zoned systems. Shell office buildings and tenant lease spaces may require the use of an addressable fire control panel which will provide point identification of every installed initiation device in the building and allows expansion to the system as the need arises.

Larger facilities such as school and office campuses, high-rise offices and hotel buildings are ideal for expandable, scalable network systems. These systems allow for the combination of the data and audio pathways to be shared on a single pair of wires making for a reduced installed cost. If voice/emergency communications is not provided during the initial installation, it can easily be added at any time by adding networked panels housing digital amplifiers and microphones for live voice paging. Voice messages can be customized based on the users specific requirements.

Siemens XLSMilitary and Federal installations pose unique challenges for which FACS has solutions. With the Department of Defense requiring its facilities to comply with the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-021-01, Design Requirements for Mass Notification Systems, this requires the use of emergency communication in the form of base specific voice messages and the use of Amber or Clear strobe lights or text message signage activated by user or automatic actions. With the programming flexibility in our systems, the panels can be configured on the spot to provide the AHJ with required and facility specific operational features.

If you are an engineer, architect, building owner, electrical contractor, facility manager, or other professional involved in the life safety of your facility, contact our Team to assist in any phase of your life safety planning.

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